Hey! I'm Anna.

I'm a photographer based in Boise, Idaho. I work with couples & families who relish in the simple joys of life.

As a documentary photographer, I focus on the natural moments of emotions - laughter, joy, and bliss with the people you love. I like to think of myself as a fly on the wall, capturing each individual exactly as they are. I aim to be unobtrusive. Rather than constantly shouting out posing cues, I am busy capturing moments to tell your story, whether that be the story of your love on your wedding day, or the story of a "day-in-the-life" of your family.

I love to get to know my clients. Not only does it help me tell your story, but it helps my clients feel at ease during the photoshoot. I want to hear about their favorite hiking trail, that weird thing your dog does every time you come home, or the best meal you've ever cooked.

It's not about capturing the "must-haves" or following a script. It's about capturing the real, beautiful moments of our lives bound in love & joy.